Our meetings are now held at the First United Methodist Church in Columbia, in the lower level of the church that is located at the corner of West 7th and High Streets.  The GPS address of the office is 222 W. 7th.  We meet in the hall where area churches sponsor 'The People's Table'.  Meetings are usually on the first Sunday of each month at 2pm.

The July 3 meeting has been cancelled.

Our next meeting will be August 7.


There is adequate parking in the lots off of High Street and in the James K. Polk Home parking lot on the adjacent corner.

Anyone who is interested in beekeeping is welcome to attend.

CABA's dues are $12 per year for a family and are pro-rated if you are joining later in the year.


If you would like to do a brief apiary tour and get some show and tell at my home apiary, please contact me at the address below.  I will then send out emails when it looks like the weather will be suitable to do this, since it is best to do this on a sunny, low wind day with temperatures 60 degrees or higher in the afternoon.

     Dick Brickner

     6518 Breckenridge Cove

     Columbia, TN 38401



Anyone who has a bee swarm that is accessible, please contact Dick Brickner at the number listed above, or Jack Wohlfarth at 931-215-5389.

Note:  A bee swarm is a cluster of bees that have congregated on a tree branch, bush, fence, etc., and can be reached with a small ladder.

If bees have moved into a building wall or ceiling, the bees cannot be removed easily and may require some demolition of the structure to access them.  There might be a fee associated with removal of bees from structures.


I have purchased and will sell at cost the following supplies at cost:

     oxalic acid in 1 oz bottles, $1

     9 frame spacer for 10 frame hive,

     beetle barns, $.75

     Bayer Maxforce Fc roach bait

These will be available at the CABA meetings or by contacting me.